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Will you Join a Community who Care?

Your Donor Relations Specialist Bonnie Stewart with Denise and her two grandsons.You can join a group of inspiring people who are proud to say they make our breast cancer research possible! Our Community of Care is made up of generous individuals who make automatic monthly donations to do all they can to improve treatments, prevent and cure breast cancer! Will you join them?

Denise Dellit is one of these inspiring people proud to be part of our Community of Care. Having had a number of friends touched by breast cancer, Denise who also has six grandchildren began giving back to research for a future free of cancer for her family and friends.

As a valued member of our Community of Care, Denise joins many others who make regular monthly donations to ensure research undertaken now can be translated to patients in the future as soon as possible!

So why should you join Denise as a regular supporter of breast cancer research?

Your donation will be deducted automatically each month and these regular donations reduce our administration costs meaning we can focus on supporting the breast cancer research you make a reality!

For every $1 you donate, we provide over $4 in grants to lifesaving breast cancer research. This is because we are part of The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) Group. Our administration costs are covered by THRF’s commercial business activities (such as its lottery program), which also boosts our funds to research and patient care each year. You can feel proud knowing your donation makes an even bigger impact to the health and wellbeing of your community.

What’s more, every financial year you’ll receive a tax receipt for your donation that year.

If you like the sound of joining a group of passionate people who all want to end this heartbreaking disease, you can contact our Donor Relations Specialist Bonnie Stewart on (08) 8445 2453 – she is here to help you! Alternatively, you can learn more about regular giving here.

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