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Orthopaedic Ward Goes Pink for Breast Cancer!

Earlier this year we received an amazing donation of over $500 from the Orthopaedic Ward at the Valley Private Hospital in Victoria! We caught up with one of the team members Gabi Rogan to find out more about their fundraising efforts…

Valley Private Hospital CEO Peter Kahn with the Ward mascot ‘Howie’.

“Each year in October the Hospital encourages us to decorate our ward in pink with the intention of bringing awareness to breast cancer research. Last year our ward, which is called the Florey Ward, decided to do our own fundraiser,” Gabi said.

“Our plan was to raise $200 by simply asking people and staff to donate loose change. If we managed to reach $100 then our Florey Ward Unit Manager offered to dress up in a pink tutu for the day, and if we reached $200 our Physiotherapist agreed to wear a pink money onesie outfit.

“As our funds were growing fast we roped in our CEO and even other unit managers began to get involved and agreed to dress pink for a day if we reached $500!

“As everyone was dressed in pink for the day it brought breast cancer awareness to not only our hospital visitors but also directly to patients in their rooms!”

We love hearing about unique fundraisers like this one! Thank you to the great Florey Ward team!

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