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A Life Saved thanks to Early Detection

Belinda’s world came crashing down when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2016. It was by chance that Belinda went to the doctor to check the tenderness she could no longer ignore in her left breast. Belinda never felt a lump and there was no known family history of cancer.

“For three months something didn’t feel right. I finally decided to see my doctor and even he couldn’t feel a lump but the results found I had a two centimetre tumour in my left breast and it already spread to three of my lymph nodes,” Belinda said.

“I had breast cancer.”

The worst case news was confirmed for Belinda, something everyone hopes they will never have to face in their lives.

“I was in absolute shock. I was told that my cancer was so deep into my chest wall that my doctor said there was no way I would have ever felt it. If I had of ignored the feeling and not had that appointment, my outcome would have been a lot worse,” Belinda explained.

“I began chemotherapy with my husband Paul by my side and our four and a half year old son, Joshua.”

Fortunately for Belinda, the early detection of her cancer, informed my research, saved her life.

The scary fact for Belinda was that if she had ignored the feeling in her breast, the outcome would have been terrifyingly different.

Belinda is now passionate about advocating for early detection and feels that there shouldn’t be an age to start being aware of the risk of cancer, such as mammograms.

Belinda and Paul“Cancer doesn’t discriminate and I don’t believe there should be certain ages when we start checking for certain cancers. People have the attitude it won’t happen to them and they don’t act on anything if they don’t feel a lump,” Belinda said.

“I’m living proof that if I hadn’t gone to the doctor when I did, my outcome would have been a lot worse.

“For me it’s about spreading the awareness and getting as much information out there as possible. If you know something doesn’t feel right go get checked no matter how scared you may be.”

Belinda’s cancer tested positive for a certain protein that 20 years ago would have been a very bad diagnosis.

“Researchers have now developed a blocker for this protein, which they didn’t have years ago. This helped stopped the cancer from spreading and saved my life,” Belinda said.

Your support means that researchers can continue finding treatments to combat the different types of breast cancer, just like research that saved Belinda.

“It’s thanks to research and early detection I am here today.”

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