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Brooke’s Courageous Shave

After watching her loving aunty battle triple negative breast cancer, 16-year-old Brooke Webber decided she would raise funds towards Australian Breast Cancer Research (ABCR) by shaving her head!

New Year’s Eve is a time of celebration, but that wasn’t the case for Brooke’s aunty Deb who was diagnosed with breast cancer around that time in 2012.

Brooke & Aunty“I’m very close to my aunty. She used to walk us to school each morning so when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and began treatment it was horrible watching her go through everything,” Brooke said.

For Brooke’s mother Shannan, watching her older sister battle aggressive breast cancer was heartbreaking for her, especially when it came to Deb losing her hair.

“The hardest part for Deb was losing her hair. She was very strong through the whole thing but when she had to shave her hair because it was falling out, it really devastated her in a bad way,” Shannan said.

Wanting to support her aunty, Brooke decided she would shave her beautiful thick auburn hair and raise vital funds towards breast cancer research. Shannan was surprised but proud by her decision.

“I didn’t think she would do it. She’s not a very confident or outgoing girl and I thought it could be an issue for her going to school with a shaved head but when she persisted to me, I knew she was serious,” Shannan said.

Brooke chose New Year’s Even 2017 as the big day and gathered her friends and family together for the occasion and raised $3,000 in the process!

“I chose this day as it marked the end of one year and the beginning of the next. I wanted my aunty to forget the past and be hopeful for the future,” Brooke said.

The day came and in a special moment surrounded by her family and friends, a brave Brooke allowed her aunty Deb to shave her hair.

“It was lovely because it brought all of the women and their partners together and touched so many people. Everyone gave so willingly,” Brooke said.

“I was very happy with the amount we raised!”

One of Brooke’s concerns was going to school with her shaved head.

“I was so scared of what people would think of my when I returned to school, but everyone was very supportive and proud. After I shaved my head my friend also shaved her head and raised money,” Brooke said.

“I know lots of friends who have mums, aunties and sisters who have passed away from cancer, especially breast cancer and this is my way of helping raise funds to save lives.”

You can also raise money towards lifesaving breast cancer research! Click here to find out more.

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