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A Personal Motivation to Support Australian Breast Cancer Research

Hayley and Lauren are long-time supporters of Australian Breast Cancer Research (ABCR), best friends, and founders of South Australian lifestyle website and TV show, Adelady – and each of them know how scary it can be when a loved one is diagnosed with breast cancer. Both of their loving mothers have been impacted by this disease.


Thankfully, it was a positive outcome for both families, however Hayley and Lauren know this isn’t the same outcome for all women and their families. Wanting to contribute to saving more lives, they have been raising vital funds towards breast cancer research.

Hayley and Lauren are proud ambassadors of The Longest Table, an annual cancer fundraiser ABCR is proud to be part of as a charitable affiliate of The Hospital Research Foundation. This year, Hayley and Lauren used their personal connection to help raise $37,000 through The Longest Table for lifesaving breast cancer research.

My mum was diagnosed in 2016 with Stage 2 breast cancer after a mammogram, which had spread to a couple of lymph nodes and needed to be treated by radiotherapy. My grandparents and a beautiful friend have also been affected by cancer – it’s not fair,” Hayley said.

“Even though she’s had the all clear, the thought of losing someone you love so much from cancer is horrendous.”

Only a couple months after Hayley’s personal experience, Lauren’s own mum was diagnosed with breast cancer after finding what doctors thought was only a cyst.

“Luckily my mum demanded for the cyst to be removed when they discovered it was cancer. Like so many other people, I’ve lost so many family and friends to cancer and it shouldn’t be happening,” Lauren said.

Together with Peter, Simon and Theo who are co-founders of G-Fresh, a South Australian herb and spices company, Hayley and Lauren hosted their own Longest Table on Saturday 14 July. Their incredible amount of funds raised will go on to support researchers focused on finding new ways to treat and ultimately prevent breast cancer.

If you would like to raise funds towards breast cancer research you can through community fundraising! To find out more click here or get in touch with us at 08 8445 2453!

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