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A Cuppa for Kelli

After the loss of her father, step-father, best friend and several other friends to cancer, Leigh Martyn was inspired to found Play for a Cure in 2010 to raise funds for research that was close to her heart.

Leigh’s friend Kelli Oates joined Play for a Cure as an inaugural board member, however, in an “ironically cruel” twist, Kelli was diagnosed with breast cancer last November.

Kelli was diagnosed with DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ – a type of cancer in the milk ducts of the breast) and scheduled a bilateral mastectomy, a process which helped her to fully understand the enormity of the disease.

“I want to help with the research to find a cure. Research is the key and I don’t want anyone suffering from any form of cancer ever,” said Kelli.

Tragically, Kelli’s mum lost her battle to breast cancer at the same age Kelli is now.

“I am having the same battle at the same stage in life.”

Kelli’s passion to fight this disease was supported by Leigh and the Play for a Cure team, who suggested she fundraise for Australian Breast Cancer Research (ABCR).

“Leigh pointed out to me that by giving the money to ABCR there were more benefits because they give $5 for every $1 donated, so this effectively amounts to more money for breast cancer research!”

Kelli decided to fundraise by asking people to donate as though they were buying her a cuppa. Kelli’s idea was born after she had a lot of family and friends sending well-wishes and asking to catch-up with her.

“I could not possibly do that, so I came up with my ‘cuppa campaign’. It’s around $5 for a coffee or tea so I asked for people to donate that amount as a way of having a catch-up and cuppa with me.”

Kelli raised a wonderful $1500 through her event, which the Play for a Cure board generously increased to $2000.


If you would like to host an event like Kelli’s, or find out other ways to donate or support ABCR, click here.

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