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Necia – “The whole journey has been mind blowing.”

Necia Zadow has always been breast aware, conducting self examinations once a month.

So when her GP suggested she have a free breast screening when she turned 40, Necia waited until her birthday and made the booking.

A few days later she was asked to come back for further tests.

“I had an ultrasound, a biopsy and a core biopsy which confirmed my cancer diagnosis,” she said.

“I’d been breast conscious for a long time, conducted self examinations and hadn’t noticed anything, so it was a real shock.”

“I think I’m just blessed that my GP suggested that I go and have the free screening. Because it was such a fast growing tumour, if I had waited until I was 50, well who knows.”

“It was an early breast cancer, it’s what they call a Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) tumour but within that I had two small invasive breast cancers. The largest one was 5mm in diameter, so quite small and very lucky to be detected in the first place.”

Necia Zadow supports Australian Breast Cancer Research
Necia had always been breast aware so her breast cancer diagnosis came as a complete shock.

Necia had surgery to remove the tumour and six lymph nodes, which were tested and all cancer free.

She was then given six weeks of radiation.

“The whole journey has been mind blowing but the support of your local community and your friends and family is what helps you get through it.”

Three years on, while Necia is clear of the disease, breast cancer has once again targeted her family.

“Just within the last 6 months my mum has been diagnosed as well with a DCIS tumour. Again very small, very hard to detect, but she was called back for another screening. The prognosis for mum is good. She had the tumour surgically removed and doesn’t require any further treatment.”

Necia encourages all of her friends and family to be checked regularly.

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