Hi, we are Australian Breast Cancer Research, and we are dedicated to supporting medical research which is focused on the prevention, detection, management and treatment of breast cancer. Ultimately, we want to reduce the impact that breast cancer has on Australian families.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we are able to support both clinical and laboratory based research that is based at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the Basil Hetzel Institute for Translational Health Research in Adelaide, South Australia.

The research that we support is translational in nature, which means that discoveries made in the labs are converted as quickly as possible into therapies that help people suffering with breast cancer.

Your support makes a 100% difference

100% of your donation is directed to breast cancer research.Australian Breast Cancer Research is a disease specific affiliate of The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF). THRF’s commercial activities cover our administrative costs ensuring your donations can be used in the way you intended. 100% of donations made to ABCR are directed to breast cancer research.  The audited financial statements of The Hospital Research Foundation can be viewed at


Our Logo

Chances are you are very familiar with the pink ribbon; it has become synonymous around the world for helping to raise breast cancer awareness. Since its debut in the early 1990’s the ribbon has appeared in differing forms and shades of pink to help the breast cancer cause.

Our jigsaw inspired logo has been created to reflect the vast pieces of knowledge that have been gained about breast cancer through medical research so far. But to find the missing piece and complete the puzzle, medical research must continue so improved treatments, better health outcomes and ultimately a breast cancer cure can be found. That is why we, Australian Breast Cancer Research exists; to support this vital research. With your help we know we can eliminate breast cancer as a cause of suffering for Australian families.